Dear Evolving Woman,

Welcome to the platform designed for The Evolving Woman in You! Created to encourage you to put on your big girl panties, grow bigger balls and ease on down the road to becoming Powerful, Purposeful and productive.

Bigger Balls:  Is having the courage to face fear and replace it with a bigger and better purpose.

Big Girl Panties: Staying productive getting it done.  With room to breathe.

Are you ready for change?

  • Are you frustrated with the type of men you’ve attracted in the past?
  • Do you seek to find the Soul-Mate created for you?
  • Do you believe all men are the same or different?
  • Do you feel you’ve given your everything for the person in your life and you’re not getting his everything in return?
You never give your all to anyone and let yourself go. 
No one is more deserving of love than you.

Breadcrumbs Matter

If you’re reading this; I sense there’s a woman in you that’s ready to evolve and awaken her soul to love; by shifting your mindset.   Everyone have left a trail of breadcrumbs behind.  Our past relationships were simple breadcrumbs for the main ingredients that prepare us.  Have you heard the old cliche?  Shake them bake them and put Him in the pan?   What’s behind gives you an opportunity to know what you’ve already experienced from dating, and it may be time for a new recipe before going out on your next date.

This website is your refuge for inspiring The Evolving Woman in You to shift your mindset to become more Powerful, Purposeful and Productive by awakening your soul to love.

On this platform, there are no shortcuts.  My mission is to inspire a community of women who’s seeking change by getting down to the real nitty-gritty to attract the unconditional love, you (they) deserve.


  • There’s not a perfect man.
  • There’s a suitable person for you.
  • Keep third parties out of your relationships. Always

We’re here to help you shift your mindset to identify what’s appropriate for your Soul-mate and how to refrain from a Pole-Date.

Are you ready to EVOLVE?.

Antreina E. Stone



Dear John Letter

Dear Evolving Woman,

It’s time to move on from failed relationships such as a divorce or even with someone you thought were your Soul-Mate; until you found out, he was no more than a Pole-Date and has uprooted himself and moved on.

Whatever’s  on your mind; until you address it, you will not be able to build new relationships.  In other words …..

 Get Rid of the Crap Honey.


  • Has someone walked out of your life, unexpectedly?
  • Do you have something on your mind and was never given the opportunity to let them know?
  • Are you still in love with someone from the past; hoping for their return?
  • Are you allowing him to come and go as he pleases?
  • Do you want him to leave and afraid to be alone?

If so I would love to here about it.

Write and submit a Dear John letter to get everything off your chest.   Let him know how you feel after breaking up, and that you’re not holding any animosity; you wish him well.   Raise the bar a little higher by asking for forgiveness of any curse you wished upon them.  I know you’ll need to put on your big girl panties to do it; just get it done.   This will truly lift you higher to develop the mindset needed to mature towards becoming more Powerful, Purposeful and Productive.

The letters that are written will be read aloud without mentioning names either on a Podcast,  a live video or our live Nature Chat call.

Let us know what’s your preference?

If you haven’t read the book Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate I would recommend that you do, and then you’ll understand the whole concept around the Dear John letter that was written by Esther.

Sample Dear John letter.PDF

Submit your letter by  email:


The Evolving Woman