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Welcome to the platform created based on the book Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate: Esther’s Story. Designed for Women  Divorced, Single, and Dating; overwhelmed, feeling of broken-hearted, alone and unworthy.

Well, all cakes baked in an oven, don’t come out perfect all the time. Once out of the oven they’re dressed with tons of icing and decorations to make them look good, good enough to make your mouth water and when you have an opportunity to taste what has your taste buds all twisted you may find:

  • It to be half-baked.
  • Crumbling lacking moisture. 
  • A missing ingredient.
  • Not the taste you were expecting. 

Cake Crumbs Matter

If you’re reading this; I sense there’s a woman in you that’s ready to evolve and awaken her soul to love; by shifting your mindset.   Everyone has left a trail of cake crumbs behind.  Our past relationships were simple cake crumbs for the main ingredients to prepare us to be bigger and better by rising above our doubts and past experiences.

Have you heard the old cliche?

Shake them bake them and put Him in the pan?   What’s behind gives you an opportunity to know what you’ve already experienced, and now that you’re pursuing to move forward, it’s time for a new recipe before going out seeking love, you could very well end up in a similar place in a different space and time.

My Mission

To inspire a community of women to seek change by shifting their mindset and awakening their soul to love.  To understand we all have faults, and no relationship is one-sided.   And once we identify our mistakes, we become Powerful when we understand and overcome setbacks.  Purposeful, by having an objective in mind and Productive, by continuing to do the necessary work to become bigger and better no matter what.


  • There’s not a perfect man.
  • There’s a suitable person for you.
  • It’s best to keep third parties out of your relationships. 

The world may appear to be going Koo Koo for anything going or coming their way, of course not you. Therefore, we must not conform to this nonsense and transform our thinking to receive what God promised us, and that’s a suitable-mate. I want to help you shift your mindset to be prepared for your Soul-mate and to refrain from Pole-Dating men who’re, 

Mind Shakers, Body Destroyers, and Money Takers to name a few.

Are you ready for LOVE?

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Antreina E. Stone

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Praying For Women in a Domestic Violence Relationship. “No More”

Praying for women who’re in a domestic violence relationship. For God to give them the strength and courage to make a safe exit plan. To encourage them to understand love isn’t violent; it doesn’t and will not cause physical or mental pain. God give them the mindset to know the next blow to their face …

Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate

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Are you Ready to Evolve?

I’m offering a free 30 minute Nature Chat for us to get to know each other.  I’m hoping when we connect my aspiration to inspire women to remove all doubt and believe it’s okay to be broken by God and not by man.

 I know what it’s like to wonder why it happened and fault the other person and not look at oneself.  I‘ve  experienced being divorced, single and dating. Along with personal and business challenges. I’ve felt alone, unworthy, and even wondered why I was born. My life began to turn around when I shifted my mindset:

And recognized that “I Am The Gift Of Love”!

I’m here to help you get rid of the crap, honey, put on your big girl panties to ease on down the road that has been designed purposefully for you.

Let’s CHAT?

I Love helping women to move beyond their circumstances, be it after a failed relationship, desiring personal growth, or clarity in their business to become more Powerful, (Rise above your circumstances) Purposeful (Have an objective in mind) and Productive (Do what it takes to reach your target).

Divorced, Single, Dating, and Other Matters

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Antreina E. Stone
Are You Ready to Evolve?

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Pole-Date Book Review

The Evolving Woman in You
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Average rating:  
 6 reviews
Bravo.. Awesome book.

Read Book Review on Amazon   Man In Blue Volume 2This chapter will leave you wanting MORE. From page one you are drawn into the story line and held captive. I truly enjoyed this book. Waiting for the next chapter

Dear Jill!
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on Amazon.com, as you know, your review will allow me to stay on my game to write, Volume 3.

Author Antreina E. Stone

Pole-Date or Soul-Mate

I received Pole-Date or Soul-Mate as a gift on 2/23 and finished it on 2/25. What an awesome book...a must read for all single and married women!! I haven't met too many Pole-Dates, but as the book says, I am waiting for my Soul-Mate! Thank you Antreina for a great read!!!

Dear Nadine,
Thank you very much!! I'm very glad you enjoyed reading Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate Esther's Story Volume 1
Your Soul-Mate Cometh Soon!

God's Continuous Blessings!
Author Antreina E. Stone

Help has arrived!

Every woman has had her share of bad luck and sorrow in her search for love. What a blessing for such a wonderful book to come along to help open your eyes to the power each woman holds within. I love that not only was I entertained by Esther's story. But now I have a go to reminder of my power to choose as I evolve into the woman I am meant to be. Thank you for this power packed book!

Dear Kim,
We all must stand and hold eachothers hand as we form a circle of love, and listen as each one of us tell our story!!
Thanks for your heartfelt review
Love Antreina

I encourage All Women to Grab a copy of this beautiful book

Words can't describe how I feel about this bright author who is a beautiful Angel of mine. My book came today, and my spirit felt high and lifted as I flipped and read every page. I definitely can relate to these words and better believe as of 2017 I will not be involved with a pole date in any way form, or fashion. The Lord is preparing my soul for my mate. I LOVE YOU, AND YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB, AND I CAN'T WAIT TILL VOLUME 2. #DIFFINITELYCONNECTEDTOTHEVINE

Thank you for your encouraging words. I appreciate your support.

Love you!❤️
Author Antreina E. Stone

Esther's Story is Real!

I was very intrigued after I read the first few pages of this book. I am not an avid reader, but this book held my attention. I am a divorcee myself and some issues that were mentioned in this book hit home.You cannot move forward until you are true to SELF. Put GOD first, and the rest will follow. I am so proud of my sister, Antreina, the author.Thank you for this book release.Love Sis, Salena Brown

Dear Salena,
Thank you very much for your heartfelt review. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate: Esther's Story the journey continues in volume 2, and I can't wait to see how God will lead me.

It is a great read!!

The character is Esther, but it is about any woman who has gone through a divorce or a breakup who never saw it coming. It is going through the loss-making bad choice's till you learn that you have the power to change and love yourself and give it up to God. I have been divorce and made bad choice's and came out to the other side.So this was a book that nailed it.You have to give it up to God.

Amen! You hit the nail on the head. We've all made choices to learn from. Thanks for your sincere comment.