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Antreina E. Stone CEO/Author

Hey, first of all, thank you for coming to my appointment page.

Are you Ready to Evolve?

I’m offering a free 30 minute Nature Chat for us to get to know each other.  I’m hoping when we connect my aspiration to inspire women to remove all doubt and believe it’s okay to be broken by God and not by man.

 I know what it’s like to wonder why it happened and fault the other person and not look at oneself.  I‘ve  experienced being divorced, single and dating. Along with personal and business challenges. I’ve felt alone, unworthy, and even wondered why I was born. My life began to turn around when I shifted my mindset:

And recognized that “I Am The Gift Of Love”!

I’m here to help you get rid of the crap, honey, put on your big girl panties to ease on down the road that has been designed purposefully for you.

Let’s CHAT?

I Love helping women to move beyond their circumstances, be it after a failed relationship, desiring personal growth, or clarity in their business to become more Powerful, (Rise above your circumstances) Purposeful (Have an objective in mind) and Productive (Do what it takes to reach your target).

Divorced, Single, Dating, and Other Matters

Buy The Book: Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate

Antreina E. Stone
Are You Ready to Evolve?

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