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The power of a woman who shares her story of trials and tribulations is like the energy from a launched missile.   Meaning, when she tells her story in truth, you don’t need to be there to hear her words, it can be felt in her presence, admired in her beauty, and seen in her grace.   Her energy rattles out the negativity while shaping and forming positivity, as it lifts and embraces other women to accept what they can change, and pray for understanding the past behind us, is just what it is, behind.

What’s Your Story?

The Esther Award, awarded to women who share how they’ve rebound from a relationship that caused them to start all over again from scratch.  Everyone’s experiences are different.  Share your story by referencing the three words below.

  • Powerful
  • Purposeful
  • Productive


Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate, Esther's Story
Are You Ready to Evolve?

Example:  In the Book titled: Pole-Date Or Soul-Mate, Esther’s husband blindsided her with a divorce.  Yes, she was hurt, but she didn’t let that stop her.  She became (Powerful), without a reason of doubt knowing she still had what it took to get a man.  That was her fuel to not give up on love.   Her ultimate goal (Purposeful) is to find love as she (Productively) continue to seek for her soul-mate. She doesn’t give up hope.

Everyone’s story starts out like a puzzle until all the pages are put together to present a chapter of their life. A story told like no others.

We’re all open books with a story that can uplift, encourage and help another.  Move from the valley to higher grounds.  Because of people like you, who’ve helped them come through hell and high water to a place of peace, as an old chapter closes while a new one forms new pages to tell a different story, bigger and greater than the last. 

One woman’s story is the strength of another woman’s victory.

Esther’s Award

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