Crowning Glory comes From The King

Crowning Glory

Being crowned in His glory is not from the man that you’ve slept with, and not felt. Your crowning comes from the one that’s unseen, however, is felt. The crown of glory is not one made of diamonds and pearls. Created from knowing every tear you’ve cried, every prayer you’ve prayed, and every time not knowing how, when or where. Although not visual, you felt His crowning glory that comforted you. Secured your mind, with peace in your spirit to know that no prayer has gone unanswered and every tear caught in the palm of His hands opened a new path to direct you in a new way. To prepare yourself daily to know to learn to Love the one you cannot see teaches you how to Love the one you’re with or the one you so desperately seek to Love.

Isaiah 6:5  As a young man marries a young woman, so will your Builder marry you; as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.

Read the book Pole-Date or Soul-Mate read about Esther’s Story, how she gave her all to one man who abruptly walked out of her life, and never returned.   Volume One begins the story, and Volume Two continues it.

A Divorce Started with Butterflies

Divorce- papers-butterfliesHow does one totally walk away by divorcing the person that gave them butterflies? A feeling never felt before; one that had you question if it was love?  You were happy with all the flutters that led into the relationship that ended in a divorce.

The butterflies that gave you love signals flew away leaving you feeling empty inside.

How do you fill the void?

1. Without doubting that you must see yourself as a gift.
2. Look in the mirror and recognize you are the gift.
3. Ask yourself who’s deserving of your present as a gift or time?

It’s imperative to see you as a Gift of love. You must love yourself deeply no matter what flaws you may think you have. Altering your thinking from the way the world has pitted man and woman against one another to once loving and then hating after a breakup.

Now that the butterflies have flown away would you say it was love or a feeling of excitement that gave you butterflies?

Like a kid with a jar in hand to catch butterflies our eyes open in amazement when we see a beautiful butterfly as it quietly flaps its wings and lands on a flower.

What is it about the beauty of a butterfly?

I’d like to say it’s the changes it goes through to reach its full potential of beauty? From crawling on the ground as a caterpillar then shedding its skin several times.  Digesting itself and totally Evolving into an entirely new species. They’re many stages that must take place before the caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly.

Feel the butterflies by embracing the beauty within you by letting go and let God Evolve you into a new creature.