A Train Caused a Divorce Forty-Five Years later

Family-divorced-shatteed She left on a Mississippi Train that Derailed Forty-Five years later with a Divorce. It makes you wonder after being married for so long, what didn’t he or she not do, that they could’ve done to save their marriage?

I understand how it feels to be on both sides, once going through a divorce myself and then witnessing my parent’s. I’ve felt the effects that a divorce could leave on a family. The divorce shouldn’t be a weapon of anger; it’s setting you free. If you’re free, you should be happy. Why become more bitter towards each other afterward? If you can’t see a reason to be more understanding and not living together, maybe you should have remained married. A divorce dissolves a problem and should not create additional ones, but they do. How can someone not stand to look at the woman or man they made promises too, once loved and would do anything for, to saying the words like I hate you.

It was cold and bitter during my parent’s divorce; only because we had to choose sides. Not saying we loved my mom over my dad, but supporting the one that had lived a life of a stay at home mother of six, that totally depended on her husband. So, therefore, my three sister’s and I had to transport her to the court as we sat on the bench several seats away from our dad. I use to dread going to court knowing that my dad probably thought we were divorcing him also.

How do I know?
It was easy to see the bitterness on his face. He would tremble while he forced the words from his mouth to say hello. Very painful. Although my mother was fortunate enough to live with my younger sister, my dad remained in the marital home. We continued to visit my father every Sunday, for years to mend our broken hearts. Although he questioned why we were still coming around, we kept praying and showing him how much we loved him, although he was trying to push us away.

As we continued to visit my dad, I could feel the once chilled air becoming warm. My father is 90 years old. Recently, as I was leaving I said:

“Dad, I love you” it finally slipped from his mouth, “I love you too”

As I exited his home, I took a deep breath as tears of gladness rolled out my eyes. I didn’t look back as I smiled thanking God saying, We’ve won!

Never give up on your love ones
Pray about it. Believe it can work. When people become bitter, you cannot become as they are. Someone has to be the bigger person to help guide them through their darkness, by becoming their light. You don’t have to say anything. Just perform miraculously from the heart to get through to theirs. Follow the light!